Added by on October 9, 2013

I know it’s definitely been a while everyone, here’s the update!

– So for 1, I lost my job. Things just didn’t work out transportation wise. Sucks but we left on good terms and I thank them for the time they’ve had me. But what does that me for “This Is Dante!”? Now I have more time to devote towards the web series and my music. Working a 9-6 full time has pretty much eliminated my free time which is why there was such a delay in the release of the next episode. But the next episode of “This Is Dante!” is now slated to premiere this weekend!

– I’ve been picked up by DJ MadOut to be his official videographer for his events, so right now we’re fine tuning how the videos will be done so we can bring professional and entertaining videos to the net! Here’s a clip I’m working on from his Bronx fashion event!

– I’ve also teamed up with Quay the Star to video her interviews with celebrities for ThatseNuff, we just finished up a shoot today with the great Sean Garrett!



– Also, many of you may know I create a lot of my own beats. With my new found free time, I’ll be releasing an instrumental website where you can lease and purchase beats made by yours truly, Dante Hillmedo!

– I’m also preparing for a featured extra role in Cinemax’ upcoming series, “The Knick” starring Clive Owen. I’ll be on set for about 5 days, maybe more, towards the end of October!




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