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Along with getting the final scenes shot for episode 02 of “This Is Dante!”, Dante Hillmedo has been busy working multiple days as a featured extra on Cinemax’s upcoming medical series based in the 1900s; starring Clive Owen, Andre Holland, and Michael Angarano.

Dante says “Working on “The Knick” has been great! Clive, Andre, and Michael are hilarious in between scenes and were very easy to talk to. Clive told me about his crazy shoot where it was completely freezing but they were shooting for a summer scene; the actors/actresses had to wear bikini and other summer wear and pretend that it was hot (laugh). Michael was often singing funny songs and serenading a few of the other cast members in between shots. All very cool guys and I look forward to the rest of the scenes I have with them coming up!” Dante will be working on “The Knick” on various days from now through December, so he’ll have to keep the scruffy look for a while.

Here are a few shots of Dante and the set:


Dante has also been doing more interviews as a videographer, his most recent was for DJ eNuff’s featuring Mack Wilds!


Dante is also working on getting new Team Elite clothing out there, so stay tuned in for the latest Team Elite gear!

Outside of that, Dante is finishing up with episode 02 of “This Is Dante” and preparing to shoot his next music video within the next few weeks.

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