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Have you ever wondered what guy’s like when it comes to what women wear? Like, does he want you to wear a skirt and heels or jeans and sneakers? Or, does he like your hair short or long. You know, stuff like that. Well, guess what. Today, I caught up with actor turned rapper Andrew “Dante” Hillmedo,  and asked him What guy’s like when it comes to girls.

You may remember Dante from a few films like Baby Mama and Liberty Kid. But currently, he’s documenting his journey from actor to rapper on an upcoming web series “This Is Dante”! Which will be airing on his site Anyway, I say all that to say Dante’s been in the entertainment business for a while. So, he’s dealt with his share of women (I’m sure). So, when it comes to what he likes in the opposite sex, Dante know’s what he’s speaking about.

Read on to find out more.

So Dante, describe your perfect girl. 

Hmmm… My perfect girl would be chill. In other words, she’s easy-going rather than high maintenance. Good looks with a good heart, not easy to find these days…

That is so true. I’m a little high maintenance myself, or so I’ve been told. LOL. So tell me, what would your perfect girl wear on your first date? 

On a first date, I’d like her to be sexy but conservative. She shouldn’t be showing up looking like she’s about to give the pole hell for some dollars. LOL. But I wouldn’t wanna see a librarian either. Something cute that shows off her curves in a classy way.

Ahhh, OK. So answer this. You’re walking down the street and you see your perfect girl. What would she have on when you first lay eyes on her?

What would she have on when I first laid eyes on her… As overkill as it already is, I love a girl in tights; considering she’s got the body for it. If not, then some nice jeans followed by a blazer or a nice chiffon blouse or button up. I prefer my girls in heels more than kicks so if she can throw all that together and make it look good then she’ll more than catch my attention.

I like that! You want a classy girl. But what if you’re in the club, a lounge, or out on the town? What would she wear then? 

If she was going to the club I’d prefer stylish and sexy over revealing and skimpy. Shouldn’t be nothing that the minute you bend over your whole ass comes out to say hi! LOL. A bodysuit with a nice design and/or a few cuts with a short cut jacket and some sexy heels or boots would definitely catch my attention if she has the right body to pull it off.

When we go out, I prefer my girl to dress classy and sexy. You can definitely combine the two, let’s take Gabrielle Union or Sanaa Lathan for example; both can be seen in classy outfits but sexy at the same time.

Yes, they both are very classy yet sexy. I understand what you mean. OK. So, what about her makeup? Do you like it when a girl wears makeup? 

I don’t mind a girl wearing makeup as long as it’s not over too much. Some girls step outside looking like they just got hired by the Universoul Circus! I actually like no make up most of the time but I can’t deny that when it’s done right, a girl’s makeup can kick her sexy up a notch or three.

LOL! OK. And what about weaves? 

Weave doesn’t matter to me. Either you do it or you don’t. But if you don’t, just make sure your natural hair is nicely done and it smells good.

HAHA! OK. I guess it’s important for your hair to smell good. I never thought of that. LOL! So in a nutshell your perfect girl would be…

Perfect girl? Hmm… I don’t really ask for much from a woman I’m interested in. I’d like her to have a good sense of style of course, good hygiene, cute. But more than anything I’d want her to be open minded, willing to try new things, supportive of her man, kind, and independent to an extent. Just someone chill, who I can enjoy living life with.

Aww…such a gentleman. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect girl one day. I mean, if you haven’t already.  


#Dead at the Universoul Circus  and the “hair smells good” comments. LOL!

You can find out more about Dante over at


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