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Dante Hillmedo: Till I Die

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This Is Dante: Ding Dong explains what Syvah is all about!

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NEW SONG: Dante Hillmedo – Till I Die

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Dick Hodgin “The Dream Assassin” reviews Dante’s “I’m Poppin!”

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 “Poppin' be POPPIN!!” Awesome song…..language will most likely keep you from playing it for grandma on thanksgiving, but excellent vocal effort, kewl rap….well done… not much in the way of criticism except the ...

JUST RELEASED! This Is Dante! The Web Series Episode 02

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FREE GIFT! For those who LIKE and SUSCRIBE!

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Everyone who LIKEs our Facebook page and signs up for the newsletter will receive a FREE Team ELITE T-Shirt and a FREE download of my single "Bass"! You can do both on the home page, thanks for the support!

Dante’s hit “Bass” reviewed by!

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This is what they had to say! "“Let the bass GO!!” is how this brand new club banger from Dante Hillmedo opens. The instrumental is packed with 808 drums, smooth synths, giving it an EDM feel, while Dante’s croonin...